Visual identity and webdesign for fashin designer Adam Kost. The collection and the work of Adam Kost is dedicated to men who require high quality and personal attitude. In terms of visuality he blends contrasting components into a harmonic whole. Another characteristic feature of his work is a symbiosis of contemporary visual culture, trends and classics.

Before becoming couturier’s visual identity, Cindy’s design has been produced as her bachelor work. Besides the identity itself, the work consists of a web portfolio and a separate web application for sweater knitting. The uniting link of all outcomes is a combination of two contrasting types, which reflects the aforementioned symbiosis of cultural tendencies. The design seeks to preserve and highlight the artist’s originality and his innovation while keeping up with global trends. The bachelor work display has been further accompanied by knitted posters, which emphasized the importance of recycling material, motivating the customer to purchase ethically and ecologically fabricated clothes.

Type of work:
Visual identity, Web design, Knitted matter

Adam Kost

Design & Art Direction:
Cindy Kutíková

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